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henna parties

* all henna parties require a minimum spent of $100 per hour with a minimum spend of 2.5 hours booking or $250. 

* we also offer these packages as by aptmt, just enquire you can book 1-3 guests as well for a private booking 
* parties can be hosted at our location which includes both in door and outdoor spaces and  off location (with an additional charge)

​* we also offer in house catering

* how do I book? Click here

Henna is an ancient art form that began in the late 1800s in South Asia & the middle east. It is an all natural colorant made from fresh henna leaves and conditioning oils. It is a deep green paste which is applied in a cone (similar to the texture of cake icing), it is left to dry and crumbles off. It will leave a deep oraange- red to brown stain which will last for a few days. The design does not have any signficance to any specific religion, ocassion or culture. Henna is traditionally applied on happy ocassions and can be applied anywhere though the most common areas are the hands and feet. 

We do not offer black henna as it is not real henna & is a toxic chemical. The paste is black in color and it will leave a black imprint. It is a black dye containing para-phenylenediamine, also known as PPD, a synthetic coal tar dye, and causes severe reactions in some people. It can cause mild to intense burning, rash and a permanent marks. It is linked with cancer.  Absolutely NEVER apply black henna and report those henna artists who are using this dangerous material. 

Henna Party
$20 a person
- endless henna fun with henna designs on your hand, arm, back (anywhere legal, hehe)
*  party charge is per person with a minimum of $100

-  party includes iced tea, mini appetizers and mini desserts


Henna service

Book your private henna appointment, prices range based on design, generally

one side of hand starts at $8 and goes up

Off location henna services available at $100 per hour plus travel 

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