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adult theme parties

For some odd reason, there are few party businesses focused on creating theme parties for adults. Here are just a few classic themes and of course we can do just about any theme which could be planned out to every last detail for you.

* all parties require a minimum spent of $400 including packages priced per person and you can also add cosmetic or choc favors/catering/dessert table to get to that minimum. 

* we also offer these packages as by aptmt, just enquire you can book 1-3 guests as well for a custom package
* parties can be hosted at our location which includes both in door and outdoor spaces and  off location (with an additional charge)

​* we also offer in house catering

* how do I book? Click here

we are never ever getting back together- break up party

$20 per person

-Did you just break up from a toxic relationship? Thinking "we are never, ever getting back together? Do you want to get out all of your anger and vent and also  kick it with your crew? Say hello to our highly satisfying break up party!

- themed break up decor

- anger diffusing and entertaining ways to cleanse him/her out of your system

- break up themed refreshments and chocolates

- *song title by Taylor Swift 

Love is grand; divorce is a hundred grand-
divorce party

$20 per person 

- Been in the hellish misery of a 2 year never ending divorce where your ex turned into the devil? Are you so relieved you can't wait to party? Well let's celebrate your new found freedom!

- themed divorce decor

- divorce themed refreshments 

– *quote by Shinichi Suzuki

i can't even- anger management party

$20 per person 

- Has your tension been spilling over and making you want to pull your hair out? Does it feel like there are endless obstacles piling up? Rage rooms have been around for a while but studies show that they are not psychologically healthy ways to relieve stress in the long run. Do you just need to relax with a more low key setting? Let's shall we? This party theme is ideal for work retreat, family party, or for your group of friends who all need a bit of escape. 

- meditation and aromatherapy session

- vent session and creative mental methods to overcome anger

– art therapy and crafting

- fresh organic detox juice and calming refreshments

girls just wanna have fun-adult slumber party

$75 per person 

- There's nothing like a Pajama party!

- overnight stay for up to 6 guests

- mini spa treatments

- smores by the firepit

- choice of 1 art or diy craft activity 

- cozy party setup

* these party names are our sassy just for fun but, you can name them whatever you wish*

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