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dance parties

*these parties will require usage of our outdoor space or would need to booked off location at venue of choice as there is not ample space to spread out in order to dance in our indoor area.

Dance Party

$15 a person

 2 hours of dance instruction & group dancing

- we bring the blue tooth speaker (unless you have it) & lighting 

on location, you choose the location of the party, we would need you to clear out the space 

minimum of $100 per hour spent


dessert & dance Party

 $25 a person

2 hours of dance instruction & group dancing

- a dessert table with made from scratch delicious desserts & chocolates from Chamak 

minimum of $100 per hour spent

types of dance 


Bhangra - an infectious high energy folk dance which originates from the North Indian region of Punjab, Bhangra is a dance for celebrating a harvest. It’s a high-energy cardio workout.

Bollywood - (the Hollywood of India), song and dance are the foundation for the biggest film industry in the world. It is theatrical, lively and incorporates traditional Indian and Western moves.


Belly Dance - Belly dance is an iconic style of dance which originates from the Middle East it is an entrancing style of dance which is heavily based on following drum beats with the hips and waist (belly dance scarves/jewelry/accessories are not included for guests at party and can be added at an additional cost if requested)

World Dance  - World dance infuses world dance into a high-energy infusing Bellydance, Bollywood, Latin, Caribbean and African

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