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fine art parties

Fabric Painting 

 There is nothing quite like the fun of painting. Free style, use stencils or we can create a theme based on your event. Choose from painting a scarf, a t shirt, or just about anything

$15 a person + depending on the item 


ceramic tile Painting 

 Revel in the ancient world of ceramic art by freestyle drawing or using stencils, create a mosaic or individual designs and can add cork to make it a coaster if desired
$15 a person


mirror & beadwork
Enjoy the beautiful bedazzled classic Indian art of beading and mirror work to create your own
Option A: Cushion cover, $20 a person 
Option B. - Diya (candle holders), also select the tea light from our signature collection (guests decorate 2 candle holders) $15 a person 


ebru turkish water marblinginting 
Be mesmerized by the ancient Turkish art of water marbling and create a breathtaking art piece on a paper canvas
$25+ a person

block Printing 

Enjoy the age old art and create beautiful designs of your own along with antique art blocks on t shirts, scarves, or other clothing items
$20+ a person depending on materials selected


Face Painting Party
$100 per hour for face painting or body art services per artist
2 hour minimum
We use high quality professional safe, non toxic  products which are long lasting
yet safe and wash off with soap and water

Depending on the design it can take anywhere from 4-8 minutes to create simple designs

airbrush tattoo Party

$100 per hour for airbrushing services per artist
2 hour minimum
guests would let us know what designs/themes for us to airbrush and we also can do free style body airbrushing
we would be using alcohol based airbrush makeup, it would come off in 24 hours or by scrubbing in shower 

depending on the pattern airbrush can take 1-2 minutes to spray 

​* we travel nationwide. please email for destination events.

bespoke: design your own crafting

At Chamak we can do anything! Let us know what type of craft you would like to do.

We have done headbands, paper crafting, card making, metalwork, foam board, etc

Price varies based on items and activities

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