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chocolate & candy making

* all parties require a minimum spent of $400 including packages priced per person and you can also add cosmetic or choc favors/catering/dessert table to get to that minimum. 

* we also offer these packages as by aptmt, just enquire you can book 1-3 guests as well for a custom package
* parties can be hosted at our location which includes both in door and outdoor spaces and  off location (with an additional charge)

​* we also offer in house catering

* how do I book? Click here

Chocolate Bar Making
$15 a person, mini party is about 45 minutes long
- create your own extra large chocolate bar (1 per person)
- choose from a variety of handcrafted toppings
- customize and decorate your wrapper



$20 a person

OMG giant candy bars!!! So much fun! Make your favorites but homemade without chemicals!

Select 1 of these:  giant TWIX, Snickers or Almond Joy or Reeses Peanut Butter Cup (all guests will make the same type of bar and substitutes avail for allergies)

includes making all ingredients for candy bar in house (1 per person)

$15 a person,

make your own vegan gummy bears in a variety of fun flavors

​fill and decorate candy bags



$15 a person

make candy apples with different toppings including homemade caramel, chocolate candy and top with a variety of toppings

​guests make 2 apples a person



$15 a person

make your own flavored lollipops and decorate with a variety of toppings

​guests make 5 lollipops a person 


Chocolate Making 101
1.5 hours long, scheduled any time or day of the week based on your availability
- Private 2 people class - $100: 
- Group class - $40 a person,  *a minimum of 6 are required to book a group (less then 6, minimum of $240 must be met)*
- on request, students wear chef apparel (for classes of up to 6 in Chamak, to wear in class only)
- learn the basics of chocolate and the steps of tempering, receive simple recipes for ganache & fillings
- roll ganache and enrobe in chocolate (each session may feature different truffles bases or confections)
- dip fruits and/or cookies into tempered chocolate
- learn how to work with molds 
- decorate chocolate with edible paint

Chocolate Making 201
1.5 hours long, scheduled any time or day of the week based on your availability
- private lesson for two, $100/group class per person $40,  *a minimum of 6 are required to book a group*
-  if requested, students wear chef apparel (for classes of up to 6 in Chamak, to wear in class only)
-  advanced chocolate making, learn how to pipe fillings into mold 
-   work with colored cacao butter & design your own special pattern




Chocolate FONDUE & TEA TIME 
$20 a person, party is about 2 hours long
- chocolate fondue with fruits, marshmallows, pretzels
- bite sized pastry items, assorted chocolates, pot of your choice of tea

Chocolate FOUNTAIN

$10 a person, party is about 1 hour long

-- great as an add on to a party package

- chocolate fountain with fruits, marshmallows, pretzels

- choose milk, dark or white chocolate

- includes strawberry, banana, wafer, European waffle wafers, marshmallows (vegan available too), made from scratch brownies, naan khatai cookies 

- pot of loose leaf brewed tea


$40+ a person includes 3 course organic, fresh lunch & delish made from scratch desserts, an assortment of our chocolates & our exclusive organic tea service,  up to 3 hour event time
- perfect for bridal showers, birthday parties & work retreats, girls night out, guys night out, professional
mixers, corporate events or any other event

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